Septic Snooper

Laundry Filter


Typical installation setup

Discharge hose plumbed into sewer pipe

Metal closure clip

Pull on top of clip and remove on both sides

Remove lid off of filter completely

Remove filter bag from canister

Trapped clump of lint

Remove clump of lint and dispose into waste basket

Put bag back into canister and close with metal clips

The Septic Protector Laundry Filter is a logical and cost effective means of protecting your septic system. You might think of it as a little insurance policy for your home. A failing ISDS can be a major headache and incur major costs to the homeowner.

The best way to avoid putting in a new system is by protecting the one that you already have. The leading cause of failing systems is solids clogging the leach field. Lint from your washing machine is a major source of solids in your wastewater.

The way that the Septic Protector works is that it intercepts lint, hair, and dirt from the water exiting from the washing machine. After about 6 or 7 washes, you simply open the canister, pull out the bag, and empty the clump of lint into your trashcan. Put the bag back in the canister and it is ready to go again.

We have been selling this product for about five years now and we have gotten nothing but glowing reports about them from the people that use them. They say that they are simple to use, easy to clean, and are amazed at how much lint they are actually intercepting in the filter. Here are some comments from Septic Protector customers.

I have to tell you how great the washing machine filter works. Before I installed the filter I had expensive plumbing problems with lint from my washing machine plugging up my drains and sewer line to the street. The average bill was $150.00! Now since I have installed the Filtrol™ no more plumbing bills!!!!! You should call it the plumbing protector!!!!! - David W.

Hello again, Just wanted to drop you a note about your washing machine outlet filter. Several weeks ago I had a cheap sweatshirt disintegrate in the washer; the filter stopped all that soggy material from going down the drain and causing a problem. The unit is truly amazing! There is little doubt that it can and does protect your septic system. As a side benefit I am able to see the amount of soap remaining in the rinse and spin cycle water (you don't need as much detergent as the manufacturers state on their packaging).
- Stephen

We love our new filter for the washing machine. At first my husband was skeptical on how much we actually needed the lint filter for the washer. But now I catch him just looking at it and remarking on the lint that it is catching. I cannot bring myself to say "See I told you so". The only thing that upsets me is that I did not order this filter 6 months ago. Wonderful product. I do not mind at all if you use my e-mail about how much we love your product. I hope it helps someone else as much as it has helped us. I am also e-mailing my friends about how much it helps... Mrs. G

This is the third generation Septic Protector Laundry Filter. Improvements that have been made thus far include aesthetics, ease of use, and as well as more effective filtering capacity. The overall size of the filter has been cut down in size so that it is easier to mount and manage.

The Septic Protector fits into a host of other applications aside from single home septic systems. In a condominium development, for example, where a handful of attached units are serviced by one larger system, our filter could mean the difference between a large repair cost for the condo association and worry-free service. With a greater amount of laundry discharges into the system, comes a greater amount of suspended solids (i.e. lint, hair, and dirt) gaining access to the leaching area. For the same reasons as an individual home, the Septic Protector is going to play a key role in prolonging the effective lifespan of this cluster style system.

We won't make the claim that you will never run into any problems with your system simply by installing a laundry filter. Every system is going to act differently. Varying soil compositions and different quantities of people living in the dwelling will vastly affect how efficiently the system works. General knowledge of the do's and don'ts of using and living with a septic system as well as regular maintenance is also a major contributing factor in regards to a systems health and longevity.

If you have any questions about the Septic Protector that you did not find addressed herein, please don't hesitate to Email Us. We can answer most any question regarding septic systems and the elements that surround them.

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